Improve your Biology results with the help of a personal tutor.

GCSE and A-Level Biology can be complex (rather like the human body itself). To get the best marks you have to tackle challenging concepts and cover a large range of material. In one-to-one sessions with a Biology tutor, you can spend time focusing on topics you struggle with and make sure you have a thorough grasp of all the content on the syllabus.  

A tutor will help you make the most of your understanding of Biology with tips on how to brush up your exam technique to convert your knowledge into all-important marks.

Personally-interviewed Biology tutors from leading UK universities

256 Biology specialists

£18 - £20 /hr

David H.

Degree: Chemistry (Masters) - Durham

Subjects offered: Biology, Science+ 2 more


“I will aim to teach the students the concepts which they are struggling understand along with helping them with exam tequnique”

£18 - £25 /hr

Alex W.

Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Bristol

Subjects offered: Biology, Maths+ 4 more

-Personal Statements-
-Medical School Preparation-

“Medical student at Bristol University, ready and willing to tutor GCSE sciences and maths and help guide applications for medical school.”

Tutor guarantee MyTutorWeb tutor guarantee

MyTutorWeb tutor guarantee

£18 - £20 /hr

Visitation L.

Degree: Biomedical sciences (Bachelors) - Durham

Subjects offered: Biology, Maths+ 1 more


“Hi, I am Visitation, a second year Biomedical scientist at Durham. Science and Maths are such fascinating subjects and I would like to share my passion and help you through my tutorials!”

Tutor guarantee MyTutorWeb tutor guarantee

MyTutorWeb tutor guarantee

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Hannah Thomas. A Level Biology tutor

Tutorial in Biology GCSE by Hannah T.

Hannah was very nice, she was well organised and her tutoring style worked for me. If I needed another session I would be happy to have Hannah as my tutor again.

JACKIE (Parent) on a tutorial by Hannah T.

Olivia Reeve. A Level Biology tutor, A Level Geography tutor, GCSE Bi...

Tutorial in Biology A Level by Olivia R.

Olivia explains tricky concepts with great clarity and is fully prepared with pertinent exam questions to reinforce her explanations. Our first experience of online tutoring - and we were really impressed.

Katie (Parent) on a tutorial by Olivia R.

Oliver Bell. GCSE Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Geology t...

Sarah was tutored in Biology GCSE by Oliver B.

Brilliant tutor session as always. Oliver is very organised and is very professional. I have gained a lot more confidence from his tutoring. In todays lesson, Oliver went though the topics I find challenging and made sure I understood them. Thanks :)

Sarah (Student) was tutored by Oliver B.

Sian Smith. GCSE Chemistry tutor, A Level Biology tutor, Univ Admissi...

Tutorial in Biology A Level by Sian S.

Both my son & I would highly recommend Sian as a tutor - she is organized, professional & clear thinking. We wish her the very best.

Parveen (Parent) on a tutorial by Sian S.

Daniel Jones. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Chemist...

Alison was tutored in Biology GCSE by Daniel J.

Daniel has been teaching my son for just over a month and in that time Daniel has been very reliable and generous with his time. My son is making good progress and has been able to take thorough notes from Daniel's clear explanations of the more difficult topics. He is very friendly, patient and keen to help and my son looks forward to his lessons. We would definitely give him 5 stars for his tutorials. Thank you Daniel.

Alison (Student) was tutored by Daniel J.

Oliver Bell. GCSE Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Geology t...

Tutorial in Biology A Level by Oliver B.

My daughter has learnt more in this one lesson with you than she ever has with her private tutor. She is so happy and her only regret is she didn't do it sooner. Thank you

Sharon (Parent) on a tutorial by Oliver B.


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What happens in a typical Biology lesson? 

I make sure we're doing what the student wants, whether that's going through a topic, explaining something or going through practice questions.

Do you make use of the online classroom? 

I use the classroom as much as possible, usually for writing notes and diagrams. More so at A-Level, when the concepts are more difficult and a diagram can help. 

Do you have any tips for Biology students?

Words are made up of parts, and knowing what each part means is helpful. Hydrolysis literally means "water-splitting" and describes reactions where larger molecules are broken down into smaller ones using water.

How is MyTutorWeb different from school?

Lots of students say that the classes are too big in school, or that they don't have time to ask teachers after lessons. In my tutorials, we take time to explore things in a little in a bit more detail. 

What do your students ask about most in Biology tutorials?

Students often want advice on how to answer exam questions, because there's a huge amount of material to learn for the Biology exam so technique is often neglected.

Want to hear more from our tutors?

Our tutors have been busy answering questions their tutees struggle with. Take a look at their subject answers here:

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