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"Thanks to all your help I got an A* in my geography A-level!!! It was completely unexpected, even my geography teacher was shocked."


"Your notes and examples were so fantastic that he has pinned them up by his bed so he can start learning them!"


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Revision help

Revision Help


Find a tutor to help you through your revision


Struggling with revision? Get some one-on-one help from one of our expert tutors. Whether you want a one-off session to get your head round a tricky topic, or regular sessions in the run up to exams, our tutors are ready and waiting to help.

  • £18 per hour for GCSE
  • £20 per hour for A-Level

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Instant Help

Instant Maths Help (in trial)

Would you like immediate help with a Maths problem?

There should be a number of tutors who have indicated that they are online and available to help immediately. You can instant message them and start a session without waiting!

This service is currently in trial, so if you can't find someone or have any feedback, please let us know by emailing

Instant Help

Our new Instant help service is currently in Beta trial with a small number of tutors.

  1. What is instant help?

Instant help is an exciting new feature which means that you can book instantaneous sessions for either 15 or 30 minutes. It is perfect if you are stuck on a piece of homework, or would like to clear something up which you didn’t have time to cover in your regular tutorials.

  1. Which tutors can I pick from?

You can pick from any tutor who is online and have specifically indicated that they are available for instant help sessions, if you go to the ‘View Tutors’ page then you will be able to filter the results to show the available tutors for your subject.

  1. How long do the sessions last for?

The sessions last for 15 or 30 minutes

  1. How many requests for help can I send at a time?

You can send out one request at a time. But as many as you like in total, you will not be charged for anything until the virtual classroom has been opened.

  1. What if the tutor doesn’t respond to your instant message?

If the tutor doesn’t respond then you can click cancel and try to find another one, your details will be saved so any more tutors who are online can be messaged, you can do this as many times as you like.

  1. How are these sessions paid for?

In order to pay for these sessions, your parents need to have topped up the wallet with enough credits, this will be 5 credits for a 15 minute tutorial and 10 credits for a 30 minute tutorial.

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